Irish Junior Cup

So, after the weekend’s IJC fixtures, the clear-up job has been laid out for the next few rounds following the fall-out from TRR and Clontarf’s dismissal. Pembroke’s impressive 3-0 win sees them into the quarter-finals. Railway and Monkstown are the other Leinster sides remaining but face exceptionally tough trips to Banbridge and Cookstown respectively.

They could, in time, be joined in the final 8 by Weston and Corinthian.

In the women’s competition, Leinster sides make up half of the quarter-final berths with Hermes, Glenanne, Railway and Pembroke still vying for the title.

Men’s Irish Junior Cup –
3rd Round Matches
‘A’ Corinthian II / Bandon II –v- Instonians II
‘B’ Annadale –v- Portadown / Weston

Quarter Finals – To be played February 9th
Banbridge II –v- Railway Union II
Cookstown II –v- Monkstown II

Quarter Finals – To be played February 23rd
Winner ‘A’ –v- Pembroke Wanderers II
Armagh –v- Winner ‘B’

Men’s Third Round Irish Junior Cup: Banbridge II 4-1 Campbellians; Galway 2-2 (Extra time)Railway Union II (3-5 on strokes); Cookstown II 5-2 Glenanne II; Pembroke II 3-0 Cork C of I II; Monkstown II 3-1 North Down II; Belfast H’Q 1-2 Armagh

ESB Irish Junior Cup Round Three
Loreto II 0-1 Hermes II; Belfast H’Q II 2-1 Waterford; Glenanne 4-2 Our Lady’s; Galway 1-0 Wexford; Pembroke II 1-0 Armagh; Randalstown 1-0 Clontarf; Suttonians 0-4 Pegasus II; Railway Union 1-0 Bray

ESB Irish Junior Cup Quarter Finals Draw
TO be played 9th February
Belfast Harlequins II–v- Randalstown II
Pembroke II –v- Hermes II
Railway II –v- Pegasus II
Galway –v- Glenanne

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