World news…

In the past week, there has been loads of announcements on the world hockey scene. Fancy taking a holiday with some high quality hockey involved, read on:

* The 2010 World Cup will take place in New Delhi in India, it was announced last week.
* The FIH said they hope to be back to Pakistan for a major event as soon as the political situation allows them to. Due to ongoing unrest, the FIH took the decision to move this month’s 2007 Samsung Champions Trophy from Lahore, Pakistan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
* The US will host the 2009 Women’s Junior World Cup at Harvard University in Boston. Malaysia and Singapore will co-host the 2009 Men’s Junior World Cup. In order to directly qualify both organizers for the event, the tournament will exceptionally be played with 20 instead of 16 teams.

* A new World Level event will take place in Dubai, UAE early 2009. The best eight men’s and best eight women’s teams of the world will participate in this new event.

* The FIH will assist in the construction of a pitch at a newly constructed national sports centre in Zambia as part of the ‘Sports for Hope’ project. The pitch will be used for the 2011 All African Games.

* Finally, the Pablo Negre Trophy was awarded to England Hockey. The Trophy is awarded to the National Association which best served the course of hockey and made it more popular during the previous two years. England Hockey received the award for excellent work during the 2006 FIH Congress in London and the revival of the organization structure in England Hockey.
Gonna go any of these events? Think we should have more tournaments in Ireland? Have your say…

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