International player's availability known…

The availability of Irish international players for local competition was laid out last week by coaches Gene Muller and David Passmore. It is as follows:

Women: Players are only allowed to train once per week with their clubs until March 2008. Home based national squad athletes can only compete in the Provincial league until the 20th of December and the Irish Senior Cup until they return from the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Men: Players can only club-train once per week until December 2007. Tuesday and Fridays are rest days which will include active recovery and flexibility work. After the Olympic qualifying tournament players can return to full club commitments until the Club Championships (March and April). Players can only take part in their provincial leagues until the 8th December, the Irish Senior Cup and European competitions.

In order to curb unscrupulous clubs from sneaking their players onto the pitch, in contravention of the above, players risk exclusion from the squad as part of a clause in the player’s Aspire contract.
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