The season starts here…

So, with the inaugural All-Ireland league and European Hockey League almost with us, starting on October 6th the 2007-08 season is going to be the most fascinating men’s division 1 for many a year. Fourth place no longer means scraping a Stephen Doyle cup spot. It means All-Ireland action while the Club Champions can look forward to five European weekends away, if they play their cards right.

The breakdown is this: the top 4 in Leinster this year will qualify for next year’s All-Ireland league, with a possible fifth via a playoff meaning more to play for right to the very end of the campaign. UCDs win in the playoff has given added significance to the promotion/relegation match, as they became the first division 2 side to win and reach the top table since the game was introduced in 1999.
So come this way to see The Hook’s guide to the season and our opinion (and it is only an opinion) on who is going to do what in 2007-08.
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